The AZ® concept

The AZ® line is the reference for tertiary space design. Renowned for its ease of use, it provides solutions for everyone involved: designers, space planners, occupants…

Constantly evolving, the range offers new applications and trendy designs.

All profiles in the AZ® line are stocked in several finishes, guaranteeing permanent availability for all applications.

Cloison amovible de bureau TIASO AZ 78 mm

The features

  • Thickness 78 mm
  • Aluminum Structure
  • Finishes Powder coating and anodizing


  • Solid 12 and 13 mm thick;
  • Glazed safety glass 6 to 9 mm thick / from 33.2 to 55.2


  • Full application up to 50 dB depending on configuration
  • Glass application up to 47 dB depending on configuration


  • Swing, surface or sliding doors
  • Electric baseboard and column
  • Corner posts and frames in rounded or square shapes
  • Acoustic reinforcement with heavy mass


The AZ line is divided into 3 ranges to cover the most popular applications:

AZ® Essentiel range


Dismountable and reusable, the AZ® 78 mm line allows great flexibility in organizing workspaces according to need.


  • Infinitely adaptable: a wide range of configurations are possible.
  • Quick and easy: a single, universal angle connects posts and cross-members.
  • Can be dismantled and reassembled: filler panels are held in place by clips to which finishing joint covers are attached.
  • Available: a product line stocked in several decors.

AZ® Allure range

Cloison amovible AZ Allure


Because design contributes to the overall harmony of the working environment, while adding a touch of modernity and elegance to the space.


  • Trendy: edge-to-edge filling without vertical joint covers.
  • Smooth design: from the optional aluminum frame door, flush with the wall on two sides.
  • Unique: with the one-piece frame option.

AZ® Fine range

Finesse / Lightness

A slimmer aluminum mass allows more natural light into the workspace, optimizing daylighting.


  • Streamlined design : aluminum weights reduced by a third on the sill and frame.
  • Maximum transparency: with edge-to-edge glazing and one-piece frame without intermediate jambs.