The J AZ® concept

Whether configured with edge-to-edge or grid glazing, the minimalist look of J-AZ® brings transparency and luminosity while elegantly structuring volumes.

The slim profiles and stile-less arch frame give the system a lightness in keeping with current trends.
All profiles in the J-AZ® line are stocked in France in several finishings, guaranteeing permanent availability for all applications.

The features

  • Thickness 40 mm
  • Aluminum Structure
  • Finishes Powder coating and anodizing


  • Solid 12 mm thick
  • Glazed tempered glass from 10 mm to 12 mm or laminated glass 55.2 to 66.2


  • Glazing bead concept
  • Straight cut
  • Assembly square


  • Arch frame
  • Corner posts and variable posts


The J AZ line comprises two ranges to cover the most popular applications:

J AZ® Allure range


The trendy J-AZ Allure range offers bright, design-oriented solutions for a creative environment.


  • Optimized transparency thanks to a system that allows edge-to-edge glazing.
  • Compatible with all types of doors, aluminum frames, wood glasses.
  • Lightness accentuated by slender structural profiles.
  • Sleek look thanks to the arch frame with no jamb or full height.

J AZ® Structure range


The J-AZ Structure range is 100% modular and scalable to give free rein to creativity.


  • Trendy: All styles are permitted: Japanese, glass, workshop, steel, structured, unstructured….
  • Overall harmony: door and structure in the same spirit.
  • Assertive line: the partition becomes a decorative element.
  • Scalable: adapts to changing needs and constraints.