Designer gammist  of aluminum demountable partitions

TIASO: Referent for Increased-Use Partitions

Workspaces are called upon to reinvent themselves. At TIASO, we believe in the absolute necessity of these spaces, as places for performance, exchange, creation, conviviality and life.

As specialists in aluminum partitions, we’re the partner of professionals in commercial space planning. For over 50 years, we have been putting our expertise to work for them. Our mission: to make aluminum partition installers key players in the new office lifestyle. To support, inspire and enhance you, we design and distribute “INCREASED USE” partitions. Enhanced in terms of quality, technical features, design, comfort and service.

An aesthetic range that adapts to different environments and living spaces

Not all workspace users have the same needs, desires or expectations. While some users will demand confidentiality, others will prefer color, transparency, design and a layout that encourages team creativity.

This is the reason we offer a range of products tailored to your needs in terms of performance, design and style. Tiaso will always propose the offer best suited to your customers’ needs.

Customizable, functional systems that bring privacy and acoustic comfort to different workspaces.

The Tiaso offer comes in 4 lines and 10 ranges to customize the project to every styles and needs.

Increased comfort and flexibility partitions, so that your offices can evolve in line with your needs, and so that you can imagine unlimited working relationships.

Whatever the comfort required for the user’s well-being, the partition contributes to it: offices, relaxation corners, meeting rooms… Find a place of comfort in every living space.

Gammist, for office space design

Our job as aluminum partition designer consists in imagining, designing and delivering the structures that make up your future partitions.

We take into account users’ expectations, site constraints and the imagination of specialists in tertiary space design.

With our wide range of profiles and accessories, we respond to the installer’s need for reliable, rapidly available products that simplify the solutions he proposes, from the simplest to the most complex.

This is this expertise that has kept us at the forefront of the market for over 50 years.

Environmental responsibility and quality of our systems

Tiaso offers a range of certified products, attesting to the durability and eco-design of our products. Our products are certified VOC A and FDES (Fiches de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire), guaranteeing an eco-responsible product life cycle, from design to disposal. 

Concerned about the end-of-life of products, Tiaso has chosen to support the government’s Extended Producer Responsibility initiative by working with the eco-organization VALOBAT and the SNFA (Syndicat National de la Construction des Fenêtres, façades et Activités associées).

CERFF certifies the performance of our systems in terms of demountability, durability, mechanical stability and acoustics. Our systems meet the requirements of NF DTU 35.1.

Our profiles are powder-coated to Qualicoat and Qualilaquage standards, guaranteeing their durability over time.