The ILOT concept

New trends in office life call for independent, autonomous work spaces.

The ILOT range has been developed by keeping with the usual budgetary codes.

ILOT is a true meccano, easily adaptable to a wide range of configurations, and comes from a line of profiles available from TIASO stock. Optional features, such as ventilation, lighting and ceiling, are available on request.

The features

  • Thickness40 mm
  • Aluminum Structure
  • Powder-coated finishes
  • Max. height3000 mm
  • Max. depth 3000mm


  • Solid double-skinned 13 mm plasterboard or 12 mm melamine panels;
  • Glazed laminated glass 55.2 or 66.2


  • Glazed application up to 32 dB depending on configuration

The equipment

  • Beam profiles with integrated high-brightness LEDs
    • Luminous flux: 1700 lm/M
    • Power: 18 W/M
    • Color: Daylight white (4000-5000 K)
  • Automatic ventilation with presence detection
    • Capacity: 150 M3/H
  • Infrared motion detector
    • Lighting and ventilation control
    • Day/night identification
    • 360° detection
  • Micro-perforated metal tray ceiling
    • Composition:
      RAL9003 (white) lacquered sheet metal, perforated 1.5 mm diameter
      30 mm rock wool
      13 mm gypsum board
    • Dimensions:
      Thickness 50 mm
    • Acoustics :
      Absorption index αw = 0.8
      Lateral attenuation index Dnfw = 46 dB


  • Slim design
    Lightweight system thanks to a minimalist structure and an edge-to-edge glazing.
  • Available from stock
    In standard sizes, cut to size for total freedom.
  • Customizable
    Several module designs available.


From a range of tried-and-tested, modern 40 mm aluminum profiles that meet new needs in workspace design.