Designing professional offices in the banking & insurance sector

Do you need to design a bank branch? To respect the ergonomics of existing branches, while providing solutions to support employee well-being and comfort? We offer complete office partitioning solutions to meet the different requirements of confidentiality, practicality and design in your office layout.

Banking and insurance challenges:

To design a bank, an insurance office or any other premises where safety and reception issues come together, it’s essential to consider the technical aspects right from the project design stage: the layout choices made upstream must help define the ideal circulation that will make sensitive areas safe, while at the same time promoting a positive impression of reception for the public, and a comfortable working environment for employees.

Our AZ and J-AZ Allure lines will enable you to create corridors and areas where the transparency of glass, amplified by our edge-to-edge solutions for example, can be combined with more confidential areas with solid infills and performances guaranteeing excellent acoustic insulation.

You can also define less formal common spaces dedicated to relaxation or collaborative work. They contribute to the social bonds between employees and to the quality of life at work.

What impact does a good office layout have on employees?

Improved employee productivity

Employees who are highly satisfied with several aspects of their work environment are also those who are the most involved in their company! They are more engaged, more positive and enthusiastic. They develop new ideas and have better relationships with their customers. Space design can therefore help to send out strong signals about the company’s “managerial style”: encouraging two-way communication, valuing places for exchange and sharing, an environment that favours confidentiality…. Creating a diversity of spaces for teams and individuals, nomads or residents, must not be overlooked.

Increased sense of security

The most productive employees are also sensitive to the way their company pays attention to their well-being. They expect us to attach great importance to their health and safety.
According to a survey (ifop2021), for 55% of French employees, the configuration of their workspace has an influence on their health.
Employers must therefore take care of the mental and physical health of their workers and ensure their safety at work. Keeping this in mind, access to natural light, low ambient noise levels and ergonomic space organization must be taken into account when designing workspaces.

Increased sense of security

Marketing your professional space as a “giant” communication medium is a decisive asset for companies wishing to establish their reputation!
Indeed, if the graphic charter is the basis of a brand’s communication, defining a charter for the layout of its offices or branches is a way of showing its customers, prospects or specifiers its coherent positioning in the market. By bringing all these elements together, you can improve your brand’s image, differentiate yourself in an often highly competitive sector , and cultivate a sense of belonging to an organization that is perceived as enviable and rewarding.

Space optimization

If the starting point of a refurbishment project is often to optimize or modernize what already exists, it may be necessary to start from scratch and take advantage of the opportunity to integrate the expectations of staff and visitors alike, including, for example, greater security at the cash dispenser, openness and transparency, or the ergonomics of each space.

To offer a maximum of proximity services and meet the user’s expectations, it is essential to opt for modular partitions and ergonomic furniture. These solutions are even more attractive if you rent your office space, as they do not require major construction work to install…. Or uninstall

Our selection of systems for banks and insurance companies

We offer partitioning systems that have proven their worth in terms of disassembly and reassembly. These systems are all CERFF-certified.
The Tiaso teams are at your disposal to help you in your approach by advising you and putting you in touch with the best professionals in your sector.